Not One More: Promoting Maternal Health and Preventing Maternal Deaths

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In the fleeting yet impressionable words of equal rights activist Angela Davis, "We Must No Longer Accept the Things We Cannot Change, We Must Change The Things We Can No Longer Accept!"  This statement rang true individually into the hearts of three Black women who are mothers, sisters, daughters, aunties, legal spouses, partners and friends to other Black women whom are the same.  


As the Fall of 2019 began  Dr. Velvet Miller finished working on a presentation about the disparities of black women during childbirth. Unbeknownst to her, a few miles east of Indianapolis, Indiana were Dr. Ruth Lambert and Ms. Melody McGuire who were pondering on how to help the mothers and families members of the local child care facility.  During that time Dr. Lambert and Ms. McGuire personally knew of five women between the ages of 20-45 that were pregnant or miscarried at the facility. 

As the power of commitment, community, love, mindfulness and patience would have it because of Dr. Miller's passion about Black Maternal Death she was connected with Dr. Lambert.  Needless to say, Dr. Lambert eagerly shared the experiences of the mothers from the facility and asked Ms. McGuire to join the efforts of Dr. Miller to bring awareness and start a grassroots mission.

Once the three women were together it was truly a resemblance of a three folded cord that can not be broken.  During the Winter of 2019 and Spring of 2020, Dr. Miller, Dr. Lambert and Ms. McGuire work tirelessly to become an unique trio of women ready to serve.  The trio eventually submitted a proposal to the Central Indiana Community Fund and received a mini-grant as the Not One More: Promoting Maternal Health and Preventing Maternal Mortality Project the mother's, children and families of Central Indiana. This project was predestined to soar as we added one more! “The Not One More" Promoting Maternal Health and Preventing Maternal Mortality Project reached out to Mrs. Jeri Rozzell as an addition to the team ensuring its success!

In this ​the spirit of our community, the Not One More: Promoting Maternal Health and Preventing Maternal Mortality Project is an endeavor that to support pregnant Black women, their babies, and fathers in central Indiana. It is with great hopes that this project brings to awareness for the health of Black women living in our target zip codes such as 46218, 46203, 46205; surrounding areas of Indianapolis, Indiana and across the world.

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